What is the Digital Scholarship Hosting service?

The Digital Scholarship Platforms service is a service offered by the UW Libraries for digital scholarship and pedagogy.

Beginning in October 2019, the UW Libraries offered a three-year pilot of new tools for digital scholarship and pedagogy. This pilot included UW Libraries Reclaim Hosting, which offers access to tools such as Omeka and WordPress, and Manifold, a digital book publishing software. This was an opportunity to explore the potential of digital scholarship tools to transform research and instruction across the University.

Because of the success of this pilot, the Digital Scholarship Hosting has been adopted as a service offered by the UW Libraries.

Would you like to learn more and get started? Contact the Digital Scholarship Lead from your campus:

What can the Digital Scholarship Hosting service do for me?

The UW Libraries Digital Scholarship Hosting provides UW faculty and students access to one-click installation of digital scholarship platforms such as Omeka, WordPress, and many more, supported by the UW Libraries and free of charge. This service also gives UW scholars and researchers access to a personal domain for hosting multiple projects.